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Crowheart, WY

Crowheart Butte in background

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In the photo above, you can see Crowheart Butte in the background, where the Shoshone & Crow Indians waged a battle over the Wind River valley hunting grounds in 1866.

Here on the Wind River Reservation in mid-Wyoming, (east of Jackson Hole & Dubois and West of Riverton) Jerry Jeppson lives on his horse ranch outside of Crowheart, Wyoming. Running over 100 high quality Hancock horses, Jerry's breeding herd of Hancock bloodline horses is one of the largest quality linebred program like this in existence. Jerry has been preserving these old bloodlines for decades, and is a wealth of knowledge about one of the most sought after using "cowboy" bloodlines of all foundation bloodlines. Jerry is a wonderful resource for learning more about these valuable old genetics.


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100% roan producer  -  16.1 hh  -  1600#

Jerry offers most of the foals he produces each year for sale, and occasionally offers bred mares and youngstock. Since 2 of his stallions, Wrangler Joe Hancock and Blue Apache Hancock, are consistent 100% roan producers, most of Jerry's horses for sale are roans.

These horses carry old foundation pedigrees close up to Blue Valentine, Joe Hancock, Gooseberry, Red Man, Plenty Coup, Plenty Try, Buck Hancock, Chuck Hancock, Salty Roan, Mr. Roan Hancock, Blues Kingfisher, Hancocks Blue Boy, Leo Hancock Hayes, Apache Joe Hancock, Lowry Hancock, Baldy Joe, Leo, and more.

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WYO Hancock Horses
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 Jerry Jeppson
 PO Box 587
 Crowheart WY 82512  USA

 On Wind River Reservation,
 45 miles west of Riverton WY
 25 miles east of Dubois WY

 tel -  (307) 486-2208

Hancock stallions  |  Hancock mares  |  Hancock horses for sale

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